Instagram Bot l Best Free Instagram Automation Tool

Instagram bot is the best way to increase instagram followers, to guys today i tell you a Best Free Instagram Automation Bot, If you use this instagram bot so you can easily grow on your instagram account and also you can increase you instagram followers,
                                      Wait if you don't know what is instagram automation bot and how it work so i can tell you all about instagram automation bot...

What Is Instagram Automation Bot And How It Works ??

We all have 24 hours in a day but this is already a very small time for our works so when we give time for likes our all friends instagram posts or others instagram posts, hashtags etc, So i tell you when we give instagram posts likes, comments so our many time was waste but if we doesn't give likes and comment so first of all our friends are think we have a little bit ego, attitude etc. and another disadvantage is we can't grow on our instagram account because when we can't give like comment so instagram has may be think we are not active instagram user,
                               So now i come to the point instagram automation is the a machin that work for us, It save our lots of time, Now i tell you how it works so when we actived instagram automation bot on our instagram account so it give automatic likes and comments to all posts that are in instagram feed or our folllowing list or hashtags whatever we want to like...

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Best Free Instagram Automation Tool

So guys now we are know what is instagram Automation tool and how instagram Automation tool works so now i tell you a Best Free Instagram Automation Tool,
                                           Well i want to tell you one thing this instagran automation has not totally free but in the last i'll tell you how can you use this instagram Automation tool free for lifetime ok so now lets go

1) Open chrome browser on your desktop and click the Download button (Given Below)

2) Add this extension on you chrome extensions

Instagram Bot l Best Free Instagram Automation Tool

3) Now go to and login your instagram account
4) Click GrowBot chrome extension (See Top of the right corner in the chrome browser)
5) Now the right side you see three options like Process queue, Like 10 Post from current Page Hashtag, Like 10 Posts from Feed,

...So let me i'll can explain this to you...

Process queue

                    If you want to likes the some posts of person whose likes your instagram posts or follow you or unfollow you, So what to do click and cheq the like user's latest posts option then choose a number that you want to give whose instagram latest posts likes and then press the Process queue button it has gave automatic likes if anybody can follow your instagram account or likes your instagram posts...

Like 10 Post from current Page Hashtag

                     If you want to likes any hashtag posts so first go to the hashtag like #f4f #like4likes etc. That you want to gave likes of whose hashtag posts then set a number that you want to likes latest posts like 10 posts, 20 posts etc, And then press the button when you press that button, the button is zoom in and zoom out automatic when it works, and guys if you want to stop this process so click the red stop button below given of those page...

Like 10 Posts from Feed

                     If you want to give likes to latest posts of whose you are follow on instagram so this is option for it ok now i tell you what to do first set the number you want that like and press it, it has gave automatic likes latest posts those you follow and also it has save your lots of time

Guys i gave my youtube video in the below of this article,so guys if you want to know more about Best Free Instagram Automation Tool so watch that video (Given Below)

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