How To See Instagram Story Without Seen l Instagram Tips And Tricks 2020

Today instagram is the most popular social media in the world, Lots of people use this social platform for their work and lots of people use this for their entertainment but also some of people use this social media platform for their to talk to their family members, Friends, love life and many more, So i know what's problems you face because i'm also a teenager and social media platform addict,
                    So today i will tell you some interesting tips & tricks of instagram like how will you see your GF/BF instagram story, Posts etc. When they are blocked your instagram account. How will you save someone's all photos and videos in just on click and many more, So let's get started...

How To Download Someone's All Photos, Videos In Just One Click

When you want to download someone's instagram's all photos and videos and want to save it for forever so may be it will be take a long time because if you take a screenshot so one screenshot are easily had 3-5 seconds and when they has uploads more then 500 photos and videos so ?? So highly chances it will be take lots of time, and also when you will download their instagram videos so it required some third party apps or third party websites,
                      So what we to do now?? i have a simple trick, If you can use this trick so you will easily downlaod someone's instagrams all photos and videos in just one click

1) Open their Instagram profile in chrome browser on your laptop or computer,
2) Press right button on the mause and now you will see there are some options like Back, Forward, Reload, Cast, Save as etc,
3) Choose Save as, I want to say you select save as option,
4) If you want to change the name of their profile folder so change it otherwise let it be, and press save,
5) Now you can see on your chrome browser in left corner a document file download has been started,
6) So now you go to downloads folder on your pc and you will be found a folder their instagram profile name,
7) Open this folder and now you have their all photos and videos on your pc...

How To Reply Anybody's Message From Laptop/Computer

This is not any tips and tricks this is a latest instagram feature that is provided us by instagram, So i can tell you about this like what is this feature and how do we use it,
                    Some time age you replying your friend messages only via your instagram android app and also ios app, But now this current time we have a instagram feature for replying anybody's messages from our computer and laptop,
                  I called this features is web instagram because even while doing our work, We can talk to anybody with help of this instagram web feature, we while access instagram messages and our work documents in the same laptop or computer we do not have to find our mobile to reply to someone's message on instagram, We can reply immediately anybody messages via laptop or computer..

What to do for use this feature ??
1) Go to from any browser you have on your laptop or computer,
2) Login your instagram account
3) Now you can see message option (icon) in the middle of profile icon and home icon

Note - If there are not show any message icon so don't worry instagram has releasing this feature in the few day ago so it take some time to give everyone so wait some days to get this helpful instagram feature...

How To Send Unlimited Hearts On Instagram Chat

If you want to send hearts on instagram conversation more than one so also this time i have a trick for you, so what you can do
1) Send a heart on instagram,
2) like any recent message that you had sent for them or they had sent for you,
3) Then immediately click the heart button again and again
4) And Booooomm,  Now you had send more than one heart
5) Repeat this same trick again and again and you can see you are had send unlimited hearts on instagram

How To Add Colourful Border And Blue Tick On Instagram Profile Picture

If you want to edit and customize your instagram profile picture like me ( See Below) so i have a trick if you will use this so you can make your instagram profile picture more attractive so let's go

1) Click the link (given below)
2) Choose a template that you want to create on your profile picture,
3) Make sure you click the blue tik option that have below in of the border templates,
4) Now click the upload image option and choose that pic that want you to customize and upload it,
5) Now page will automatically load and refresh it take some time and show you same page but now you can see below your customized profile picture
6) If you want to download this customized image so enter any wrong mail address like, abcd and click the download button
7) Your customized profile picture are ready so now you change your instagram profile picture and again

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How To See Someone's Instagram Posts Without login Any Instagram Account

When someone blocked your instagram account and you want to see the latest posts of their but they are already blocked your instagram account so how you can see ?? wait i have a technique for you my dear friend, So what to do...

1) Click the link (given below)
2) Now you have a search box in center of the page, Write the instagram username of the person whose instagram posts you want to see,
3) Now guys you can see all posts of whose you had want to see also you can see there highlights, Sories,
4) If you want download that post so you can download these all posts in just one click of download button

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How To See Anybody Instagram Story Without Seen

If you want see someone's instagram story but you do not want to show your username on there story view list or if you want to see someone's instagram story but they had blocked you on your instagram account but you still want to see their instagram story so i have again a trick for you my dear friend, So now i will tell you what to do,
1) Click in the click here button (given below)
2) Write the instagram username in the search bar whose instagram story you want to see,
3) Now you will see some account of same name, now choose the right person whose instagram story you want to see,
4) Now you can see their following count, followers count, posts counts and below you can see their all instagram story that they are uploaded in the last 24 hours,
6) Now you can see there all instagram stories and if you want to download the all instagram story in just one click so click the download button...

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